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PG-13 - Aviso para los padres Algún material puede ser inapropiado para niños menores de 13 años.. Drama  -   (EE.UU.)
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Directores:Brent McCorkle
EscritoresBrent McCorkle
Actores:Lynn Collins (I), Kwesi Boakye, Cedric Pendleton, Erik Hollander, Sonny Shroyer, Reegus Flenory, Julie Ann Doan
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Lynn Collins (I)Lynn Collins (I) (F)...Samantha Crawford
Kwesi BoakyeKwesi Boakye (M)...Macon
Cedric PendletonCedric Pendleton (M)...Anthony
Erik HollanderErik Hollander (M)...
Sonny ShroyerSonny Shroyer (M)...
Reegus Flenory (M)...
Julie Ann Doan (F)...
Morgan Hennum (F)...
Claudia Church (F)...
Michael Beasley (I) (M)...
William J. Harrison (M)...
Danielle Lewis (I) (F)...
Montrel Miller (M)...
Bill Stinchcomb (I) (M)...
Gower Mills (M)...
Roger D. Eldridge (M)...
Barry Sheeley (M)...
Danielle Ivery (F)...

Los productoresDarren Moorman, Shannon Atkins (I), Jason Atkins, John W. Gray I, J. Wesley Legg, Kim McCorkle
Los editores:Brent McCorkle
Producción:Harbinger Media Partners [us]
LugaresNashville, Tennessee, USA, Tennessee State Penitentiary, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Tennessee, USA, USA
Etiquetas:one-word-title, written-by-director

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